Month: October 2018

Celebrating Ada and Women in STEM

Tuesday 10th October was Ada Lovelace Day – an international celebration of all the inspiring women in STEM. This week we are looking at Ada’s wonderful achievements as well as recognising a handful of women who are making huge contributions to the field! Lets start with Ada Lovelace herself. Born, in 1815, she was the…
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Green Mango Peel: Key to Solving Oil Contaminated Soils

One exciting development involves using the peel of green mango fruit to clean up oil sludge! Scientists, from the University of South Australia, have found that nanoparticles synthesised from green mango peels and iron chloride can break down toxins in the oil sludge through chemical oxidation, leaving behind the decontaminated materials . The use of…
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Introducing Beulah Louise Henry

Introducing Beulah Louise Henry This week we are looking at the female inventor Beulah Louise Henry. In 2006, she was inducted into the National Inventors Hall of Fame. However, many of us still know little about this exceptional woman who earned 49 patents and made 110 inventions. In the early stages of her career she…
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