Future Engineers Exhibition: Inspiring the Generation of Tomorrow

Future Engineers Exhibition: Inspiring the Generation of Tomorrow

This week we’re looking at the role modern museum’s play in inspiring the next set of engineers. Museum’s are a fantastic way of reaching young people, especially as approximately 265,000 skilled engineering recruits are needed each year by 2024.  Its really important to reach out to girls at an earlier age in order to show them what a career could look like in engineering. The chief executive of Semta, Ann Watson, agrees stating “any young people who have an engineering skill and aptitude are lost to the sector because they are not given that encouragement earlier.”

The London Transport Museum, which welcomes 100,000 children each year, is one such institution inspiring the next generation of scientists and engineers. Its new ‘Future Engineers’ gallery provides young people with the opportunity to test their skills and solve transport conundrums faced by modern day engineers. The overall aim of the gallery is to show the vast number and variety of careers available in STEM sectors. One exhibit, for example, asks you what type of engineer you want to become: a dreamer, planner or fixer. The museum’s managing director, Sam Mullins, said “As curators, educators, historians, and storytellers, we are in a unique position to offer this encouragement to children from an early age, and perhaps just as importantly outside the classroom.” This exhibition, therefore, provides a fun and interactive way to inspire young people to go into engineering!

Our National Engineering Competition is also helping to encourage young people to enter STEM sectors. It invites girls to solve 21st Century challenges, showing how engineering can help people and the planet. Entering the competition is an opportunity to get creative, get thinking and most of all have fun! The competition is free to enter and offers the girls the chance to win £1000. It also gives the winners an opportunity to be mentored by a female engineer. Thus, initiatives such as our competition as well as modern museums have the power to truly inspire the next set of engineers

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