More girls needed to engineer a better world

More girls needed to engineer a better world

The 2018 Talent 2030 Dashboard is live! But you might be suprised by what it looks like.

The dashboard looks at how many girls across the UK are taking science and technology subjects: from GCSE right through to their career choices.

We know that pretty much 50% of 16 year-olds taking physics GCSE are girls: great!

But then, only 22% of A-Level physics takers are female. What’s happened?

Between 16 and 18, you’re making a lot of decisions about your life; what career you want, what qualifications you should take, what subjects interest you, what teachers you like, which exams are harder. The list goes on, and each variable affects how you feel about every subject, from art to physics to psychology.

Something in that decision-making process is telling young women not to take physics. But what is it?

We’re not entirely sure, so what we’re doing is trying to make sure than as many girls and young women across the country understand what choosing physics and engineering means. It means:

  • A creative and challenging career working with other innovative people.
  • The opportunity to explore everything the world has to offer, from the tiniest parts to the biggest problems.
  • It involves design, art, logic, imagination and curiosity.
  • Helping people across the world by solving challenges
  • Being the best paid graduates! Engineering grads have an average salary of £45,000, beating medicine, dentistry and business studies.


To showcase all of this Talent 2030 runs the National Engineering Competition for Girls where we ask you to solve a C21st problem for the chance to win £1000!

Explore the competition on this website, and make sure you check out the details about how to enter, download the guidelines in the picture, and read what the judges are looking for to increase your chances of winning. 

Remember, we’re open for entries until 6pm on 14th December and you can enter anything you want – from a report to a website or video!

If you need help, or have any questions, just drop us a line at