Green Mango Peel: Key to Solving Oil Contaminated Soils

Green Mango Peel: Key to Solving Oil Contaminated Soils

One exciting development involves using the peel of green mango fruit to clean up oil sludge! Scientists, from the University of South Australia, have found that nanoparticles synthesised from green mango peels and iron chloride can break down toxins in the oil sludge through chemical oxidation, leaving behind the decontaminated materials .

The use of mango peel has not yet been tried in the field, but it does present a sustainable green solution to helping clean up production. R&D Magazine reported that researchers found plant-based nanoparticles removed more than 90 per cent of toxins in the soil. Researcher, Biruck Desalegn, said ‘Last year, global oil production reached a new record of 92.6 million barrels per day, but despite improvements in control technologies, oil refineries unavoidably continue to generate large volumes of oil sludge’. He added, ‘Oil contamination can present cytotoxic, mutagenic and potentially carcinogenic conditions for all living things, including people’.

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