Judging Criteria

What we would like you to do:

  • Identify some of the challenges of the 21st Century
  • Pick one, or a few, to explore and research in more detail
  • Decide what you are going do about the challenge(s) you have chosen.

This could be:

Explaining what engineers are already doing and/or are going to do
Creating or explaining your ideas for your own solutions

  • Review what you found or evaluate what has been done.
  • Present your conclusions or final solution. It’s up to you what format you do this in. Some examples include a video, website, report or poster. (If you have made something that can’t be uploaded, please include photographs or videos of it).

Click here for examples from last year.

What the judges are looking for:

  • That the process above has been followed
  • Enthusiasm for tackling the challenge(s)
  • Innovative & creative thinking
  • A high-quality final product (in whatever format you have chosen)

We have received some exceptional entries in recent years, some of the judges commented on them:

“I was amazed at the level of commitment the participating students demonstrated through their submissions. Some produced amazing end products with professional quality material which was well researched and had been given thoughtful and creative consideration.”

“The standard of entries for the competition was very high, and it was a pleasure to be able to see the high level of innovation and engineering ability demonstrated by a number of girls in this competition.”

“Competitions like this one are very valuable in promoting engineering as an interesting career for young women, and it allows girls to see that engineering can be applied to a number of different, relevant problems and that it can allow creativity and innovation at many different levels.”

“In judging these awards I have especially enjoyed seeing the obvious enthusiasm of these young engineers and how they are proposing to use their innovative ideas and creativity to address the important global problems that we face in the 21st Century. I wish all of the entrants the best of luck with their future careers, and look forward to seeing them play a vital role in the engineering workforce in the future.”

Note: You do not have to qualify for a CREST Award in order to enter the competition but we are expecting entrants to have spent at least 10hrs on their project, which is the minimum requirement for a Bronze CREST Award. For more details about the CREST Award click here.

Competition Rules:

  1. You must be a girl aged 11-18 and a UK resident.
  2. You can enter individually or in a team of up to 6.
  3. There are three age categories: 11-14 (Y7-9), 15-16 (Y10-11), 17-18 (Y12-13) and you must enter the category based on your school year. (If entering as a team you must enter the category based upon the age (and school year) of the oldest member in your team.)
  4. You cannot submit multiple entries.
  5. You cannot resubmit an entry that has been entered into the competition in previous years.
  6. By entering the competition, you agree that your entry can appear on public display and that Talent 2030 may use the entry on the internet and in print to promote the competition.