American National Chemistry Week

American National Chemistry Week

We are celebrating American National Chemistry Week! This year’s theme is ‘Chemistry is out of this world’.

Chemistry is tied to the science of outer space, the solar system and space travel. In the field of Astrochemistry lots of research and developments are constantly taking place. For example, Scientists are identifying elements in outer space. You may be wondering how they are identifying these – especially as some areas in space are still largely unexplored. David Katz has the answer, “In order to learn about things far away, we need sensors and detectors that give us more information about them.’ On Earth, scientists have discovered that when atoms and molecules are heated they give off their own type of light. Katz further notes, ‘By looking at this light, they are able to record a ‘fingerprint’ for each substance that is unique. By pointing their spectroscopes to the sky, scientists are able to identify elements in space that are the same as those on Earth.’

STEM is such a dynamic and versatile field. You could be the next Scientist discovering elements in outer space – what’s stopping you? Go ahead and make your next steps science and engineering. A great way to start is by entering our National Engineering Competition for Girls! This invites you to solve a major challenge of the 21st Century. For more information on how to enter and for competition guidelines please visit our website:

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