Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2018!

Tomorrow’s Engineers Week 2018!

Here at Talent 2030 we are celebrating Tomorrow’s Engineers Week! Returning for the sixth year – it aims to change young people’s perceptions about engineering. This year the campaign forms part of the Year of Engineering. It will be focusing on animal health, saving the environment, staying safe, health and entertainment. With Tomorrow’s Engineers Week in mind we’re going to be looking at why you should consider environmental engineering as a career!

Environmental engineering is essential for a healthy planet. This field of engineering is concerned with protecting people and our planet from the harmful effects of pollution. In this job you would work closely with private agencies and the government to design projects to ensure sustainable use of water, air and land resources. There are lots of areas you can work on improving from air pollution treatment to solid waste management.

If that’s not enough reasons to pursue this career, there are lots of job opportunities available, offering you a chance to earn a high salary! Starting salaries for environmental engineers are between £17,000 and £28,000. Experienced engineers can earn between £28,000 and £45,000. Project engineering managers or chartered engineers earn higher salaries of £40,000 to £60,000 or more. Abigail Brooks talks about being an engineer on the website Prospects. She said she really enjoys “the mix of office and site work . Its perfect for me as I’m not in the office 24/7. The work is really diverse and challenging, with real variety in the projects”. When asked what advice she would give to someone looking to get into this job Abigail said, “Get as much experience as possible, even if they are brief. You’ll meet new people and discover other opportunities to get involved with as a result”.

You can take your first step toward discovering more about this career by entering our National Engineering Competition for Girls! The competition invites you to solve major 21st Century Challenges, such as those caused by pollution. So whats stopping you? Go ahead and try your hand at engineering by entering our competition for a chance to win £1,000 for you and your school.

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