Wearable Technology: Meet ‘doppel’ the Stress-Reducing Wristband

Wearable Technology: Meet ‘doppel’ the Stress-Reducing Wristband

This week we’re looking at wearable technology. Doppel is the next step for this exciting and expanding sector.  Jack Hooper, one of the founders, said “doppel is active, not passive. It goes beyond monitoring and does something for you…our brains have evolved to process experiences. We think the technology of today gives us data but the tech of tomorrow will give us experiences”. This piece of wearable technology was made possible by Kickstarter – an online funding platform for creative projects- raising more than £110,000 through 820 backers and Innovate UK – a government initiative which invites companies to apply for funding to develop novel digital health products and technologies.

So how exactly does this piece of wearable technology work? It uses a heartbeat in a subtle and silent way. It creates a silent vibration on the inside of the wearer’s wrist. Our brains respond to this rhythm which calms us, without having to turn to sugar, alcohol, caffeine or medication. Hooper notes “Upping the pulse tempo will get you alert, while slowing it down will make you relaxed. And you can use it in places where music may be distracting, or inappropriate, like in an important meeting or while presenting”. The device has been independently tested and shown to double a user’s focus in addition to reducing stress in controlled scientific studies run by Royal Holloway University London. The device is now being sent to customers.

What gadget would you come up with to reduce stress? If you’re aged between 11 to 18 why not enter your idea into our National Engineering Competition for Girls?!  Submit your entry here 

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