Winning Entries

Here’s a few snapshots of the 2018/19 winning entries!


The winner of the 11-14 age category is Khadija from Denmark Road High School, for looking at how to tackle the problem of decreasing energy sources by using solar in a more innovative and unique way. Khadija’s solution involves using solar outside earth with a machine called the Astro-transducer.

The winners for the 15-16-year-old category are Imisi from St George’s School for Girls and Anjola from Devonport High School for Girls,  for exploring the different ways plastic waste can be reused. One idea is to reuse plastic to make plastic bottle solar lights. Another is to make bricks from waste plastic to help build temporary homes for refugees.


The winners of the 17-18 year old category are Hazel, Ellie, Celeste and Sofia from Wycombe Abbey School for their research on using plastic as a sustainable alternative to plastic.